Family & PRO teams

VEEVUS Family program:

The VEEVUS Family program is designed to show appreciation to our dedicated supporters who consistently showcase our products on their social media platforms. Participation in the program is open to anyone who is eager to share their experiences and insights with the broader VEEVUS community.

As a member of the VEEVUS Family, individuals are required to post at least four photos per month featuring our products, with proper tagging and visibility. In return, members will receive exclusive perks including a 20% discount on all purchases from the VEEVUS website, recognition on our website & social media, and early access to new product launches.

Additionally, members will have an increased chance of joining our highly sought-after PRO team, which offers even more benefits. We invite you to join the VEEVUS Family and represent our brand.

VEEVUS Pro team:

The VEEVUS PRO team is an exclusive, invite-only program. Membership is not open for application.

The benefits of the PRO team are comparable to those of a sponsored professional athlete & influencer, and as such, we are unable to disclose the specific member benefits as they are negotiated individually.


How do I apply to join the VEEVUS Family?

Please contact us using the "Contact" button located in the main manu of the website.

Is it free to join the VEEVUS Family?

Yes! As mentioned above, it's 100% free to join VEEVUS Family program. The only terms are that you have to post 4 photos per month, and in return you will receive 20% off on our entire shop.

Do I need to have a certain amount of followers?

No, anyone can join the VEEVUS Family. We don't care how many followers you have.

I think I am qualified to join the VEEVUS Pro team, how do I apply?

Unfortunately the VEEVUS PRO team is an exclusive, invite-only program. Membership is not open for application. Our best advice is to join the VEEVUS Family, as we review the best and most loyal fans each month. Being part of the VEEVUS family does not guarantee that you will be invited into the PRO team. Unlike the VEEVUS Family, the PRO team has very limited slots.