Becoming a VEEVUS ViP means you unlock some exclusive benefits for a fixed fee of 100 Euro per year. 

1. You get 20% discount on the entire store, every time you shop. There are no blackout dates. 

2. On your first order, you will receive a 3 gifts, a VEEVUS cap (Valued at 30 Euro), a pair of VEEVUS razor scissors (Valued at 30 Euro), as well as a VEEVUS Flannel shirt (Valued at 60 Euro), totalling 120 Euro in value*

3. “Free Shipping”. You will receive a coupon code for the amount of money you spend on shipping on each order. This means if you spend 50 Euro on shipping, you will receive a coupon code for 50 Euro for your next order, essentially making your shipping free.

Make sure to join the ViP program before shopping, as the discount is automatically applied. You should also join our Loyalty program, which is free, and earns you 1 point per Euro spent. You can cash your points for the following value:

– 500 Points gives you 20 Euros off

– 750 Points gives you 30 Euros off

– 1000 points gives you a whopping 50 Euros off

Stacking our ViP program, together with our Loyalty program, means you earn the maximum amount of benefits and discounts. 

* The Free gifts can’t be exchanged or returned, and are only given once per person.