The Veevus Event – Explained

With our “Veevus Event”, we want to promote YOU and your flies. It’s free to participate. The winner will get to feature on the front page of our website (, and as a Bonus get 20 free spools with a pair of fly-tying scissors.

This is how you participate:

1) Create a fly using any Veevus product.

2) Take a picture of the fly, with the veevus spools you used in the background. Please make sure that the picture is Clear and on a nice and Clean background, showing only the fly and veevus product. Blurry pictures aren't easy to see. You can view some picture that are already posted for reference here:

3) Send the picture to us via facebook (This is our page: ) Please make sure you send it as a private message and not post it on the wall!! There is a message button on the right side of the page.

4) DONE. It's that simple! The CROWD then decides! The picture which has the most likes by the end of the month is the winner!

We look forward to seeing some amazing patterns that you all will create.

To keep things clean and simple, we will add an album for each month, that way people can easier see and "like it". Feel free to help yourself by sharing your picture once we have uploaded it to the album.

We will not put a time limit on the event, meaning it will run for as long as YOU feel it's exciting.